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Edit GAEB tenders easily with Excel and Word! Test the new version GAEB-Online 2023 free of charge. Now also available as USB version!

GAEB tenders

Finally also edit with Excel and Word

You want to process GAEB tenders with your usual Office programs, with Microsoft Excel, Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice? Do you want to calculate tenders and create them as a file in DA84 format?

With the software GAEB-Online 2023 you can carry out your quotation calculations in the Office world. Quick and easy! The software is compatible with every common Office package. It processes GAEB 90, GAEB 2000 and GAEB DA XML 3.3. You can enter quotation prices and submit the quotation digitally in the format DA84 format.

Even if you just want to look at GAEB files, you can use GAEB-Online 2023 as a simple and fast GAEB viewer.

Conversion made easy

Enjoy flexibility in data exchange. And simple operation. Convert Excel to GAEB. Or GAEB to Excel. Convert bills of quantities or product descriptions from an Excel spreadsheet into a GAEB format such as GAEB DA83.