Export DA84

In addition to the possibility of editing GAEB tenders in MS-Word� or MS-Excel�, you can also enter your tender prices directly in GAEB-Online 2023 and then generate your tender as tender submission D84.

Einfache Oberfl�che: GAEB Ausschreibungen einfach mit Excel kalkulieren!

GAEB-Online 2023 always automatically recognises whether you have to create a D84, P84 or X84 for the client.

What is GAEB 84? With a GAEB-DA84 file, the tenderer can automatically read your offer into his software. The D84 file contains the item numbers - called ordinal numbers (OZ) according to GAEB -, the corresponding unit and total prices of the bidder, as well as possible bidder details.

Offer complete?

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Especially in the case of offers for extensive tenders, it can always happen that you forget to fill in all unit prices for the items in the heat of the calculation. No problem for GAEB-Online 2023:

Before exporting into a D84 file, your offer is checked again with an intelligent check function and you receive a corresponding note. This is safe and saves a lot of work.

Automatically the right file

GAEB-Online 2023 always automatically creates the correct DA84 quotation file for your client. If, for example, the client sends you the bill of quantities in GAEB2000 format, GAEB-Online 2023 creates a DA84 in GAEB2000 format. If you receive the specifications as GAEB DA XML, GAEB-Online 2023 creates a DA84 quotation file in GAEB DA XML format.

Price breakdown and bidder details

GAEB-Online 2023 also supports, in addition to the entry of unit prices, a price breakdown into e.g. labour and material, as well as the entry of bidder details. Both the price breakdown and the bidder information can be entered in GAEB-Online 2023 if they are available in the GAEB file or are required there. Possible price allocations and bidder details are also transferred to the D84 file.

If you do not want to enter any bidder details in your offer, simply leave the fields empty; depending on the contract conditions, the makes mentioned in the specifications are then usually considered as agreed. All input fields required by the user, such as prices or bidder details, are clearly displayed in yellow by GAEB-Online 2023.

Save as

Of course, you can also save the offer in another GAEB format. This is particularly advantageous if the offer still has to be read in from an older software version.

Einfache Oberfl�che: GAEB DA84 mit Fehlerpr�fung


An intelligent sum function checks the calculated final sum of the offer. It is also possible to grant a premium or discount or to enter an additional discount value for the offer.

Free quantity

GAEB-Online 2023 also supports GAEB tenders with a so-called "free quantity" (quantity to be specified by the bidder). For such items, you as a bidder must determine the quantity of the item and then offer it together with your bid price. This usually happens in tenders for civil engineering or road construction. For items with "free quantity", GAEB-Online 2023 will then record the quantity in addition to the unit price.


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