This is how tenders in the construction sector are processed: Submit bids digitally with GAEB-Online 2014!

Walzbachtal, 15.10.2015 - This is how tenders in the construction sector are processed: Submit bids digitally with GAEB-Online 2014!

Public tenders are particularly important for construction companies. A lot of paperwork is involved in submitting a bid on your own. The GAEB-Online 2014 software uses its own Office environment to fully digitize the process and do this in a completely user-friendly way.

For many small craft businesses, public tenders are of major importance. Whoever participates in such a tendering procedure and receives the award would certainly have their hands full.

For this reason, it is important to participate in as many tenders as possible. And so that filling out the forms will not take up too much time, the process should be digitized.

The GAEB-Online 2014 software solution, which can be used on any Windows computer and costs less than 100 Euro, ensures that software will pay for itself quickly.

One especially important point: small craft businesses can edit their GAEB tender files directly using their usual Office program. Whether you use Microsoft Office or perhaps LibreOffice or OpenOffice does not matter.

Ulrike Braun of gaeb-online says: "Many craftsmen can indeed use a trowel or saw perfectly well, but are at loggerheads when using a computer. For them it is important to stay in their familiar working environment. So our software fits well into the existing Office application. This way, the time required for processing is kept to a minimum."

With GAEB-Online 2014, it's easy to create your own offer with all prices for each item, then to save it as a DA84 file with a click of the mouse. For this, the prices can also be taken automatically from an existing spreadsheet.

Incidentally, optional output formats such as GAEB 90, GAEB 2000 or GAEB DA XML 3.2. are also supported. From a command line, existing GAEB files also are converted easily into the desired format. Whoever wants to, can export the GAEB tenders to Word in order to print or edit them.

The current version already works perfectly with Windows 10.