GAEB-Online 2014: The Update is a Huge Benefit

Walzbachtal, 15.07.2015 - GAEB-Online 2014: The Update is a Huge Benefit

Many manufacturers of construction products are only too familiar with this problem: A new bid call by the German Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction (GAEB) is imported into their own software solution and edited. The GAEB 2000 interface is the one to go with that ERP system. But now the manufacturer realizes that planners or architects rarely use this format at all.

Practice has shown: the company often receives data in the GAEB 90 or GAEB DA XML formats. It is then necessary to undergo the complicated process of converting these files manually into the GAEB 2000 format. That is annoying, expensive, and time-consuming.

But now there is a practical solution for this problem. With GAEB-Online 2014, the manufacturer can check all inbound GAEB files, convert them, if necessary, via a batch job into a GAEB 2000 file, and feed that file into their own software solution. This saves effort, time, and money.

With GAEB-Online, output formats such as GAEB 90, GAEB 2000, or the GAEB DA XML format in version 3.2 can be edited. The option of easy conversion of GAEB files is a real benefit. GAEB-Online 2014 can be easily used to complement any existing software solution. The update allows for fully automatic conversion of GAEB files via a command-line prompt.

With the Windows tool GAEB-Online 2014, GAEB bid calls can be edited and completed with ease. This affordable solution makes it possible to implement professional quotes without complications in one's own work environment, such as Excel or OpenOffice. GAEB-Online 2014 allows its users to individually calculate a standard price using the spreadsheet features on a Windows computer, such as MS Excel or OpenOffice.

So what else does the update have to offer? What's new is that it is now possible to import prices from the DA84 files of the formats GAEB 90, GAEB 2000, and GAEB DA XML into an open GAEB BOQ. This is a practical supplement to the already existing option to import prices from an Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet.

Smaller manufacturers, too, can use a terminal server to manage their programmes and make them easily accessible to users. Depending on the technology used, employees can view and edit the data of a quote from any end device. With GAEB-Online 2014, operators can grant remote access to any number of users.

The new update reduces EDP efforts at the company: the programmes used are installed in a central place on the terminal server. There is no more need for the time-consuming setup of individual working stations.

The new version GAEB-Online 2014 also offers a special terminal server variant called GAEB-Online 2014 TS for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2012.