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GAEB-Online 2023

In case of manual activation you first send us an eMail with an identifier of your computer (the registration code) and we will create a license key valid for this computer with which you can activate the program

Step 1: Send registration code by eMail

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1.You send us from the computer on which you  want to use "GAEB-Online 2023"  the registration code (identifier of your computer) . To do this, start the program and click the Request License icon there . Your eMail program will open and you send the eMail to us. Please remember to include your order number and address in the eMail so that we can identify you.
Please do not send us a screenshot / image of your registration code, because then we cannot process it

2.If your email program does not open automatically, simply click on the demo version icon in the upper right corner of the program window  and copy the registration code from the dialog into an email. You can mark it there and copy it with the right mouse button.

3.From this registration code we in turn generate a license key with which you  can activate "GAEB-Online 2023" on your computer. We will send this license key to you in turn by eMail.

4.With the license key from the mail you can then  activateyour "GAEB-Online 2023" on this computer (i.e. unlock it as a full version)

Step 2: Activate product


1.To activate "GAEB-Online 2023" with our license key on your computer, click the Activate License icon in the program .

2.Copy the license key from our eMail into the License Key field  and then click manually.

3.Your license will now be activated for this computer and you can then use it.

Please also always refer to the section: in connection Computer change / update with Delete license key.


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