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GAEB-Online 2023


With the function Delete license you delete the license from a computer. Use this function if you want to Hardware modification on this computer  or if you need to format the hard disk.

What do you have to do to delete the license?

1.Call the Delete license iconfrom the Licenses menu .

2.Click on Delete License to delete the program. (Attention: After the click, the program cannot be used on this computer anymore.)

3.A deletion code with date and time appears.

4.Mark the deletion code and click the right mouse button.  Please copy the deletion code and send it via eMail to  Please copy the code as text into the eMail (please no picture or screenshot), only then we can check the data.

5.In the eMail please enter as subject "License has been deleted" and as eMail text please copy the deletion code as well as date and time and your address data under which you bought the product. Please copy the code as text into the eMail (Please no picture or screenshot!!), only then we can check the data.

Please do not forget your sender with complete address, preferably with the order number of MyCommerce (Digital River GmbH). We can then process your requests much faster.


Only with an existing and correct deletion code a license can be created by us free of charge. If this is not the case, there is no claim for a free replacement.

Note: This function is not available in  this form in the terminal server version and not in "GAEB-Online 2023 USB" . Please refer to the installation instructions for Terminal Server.


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