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GAEB-Online 2023

The following item types can be converted from Excel into a GAEB format. These are always to be entered in the PosArt column.


Item types in GAEB

Indicator in the PosArt column in Excel

Areas / Sections


Note texts


Normal items


Requirement items without BP


Demand items with BP


Basic positions


Optional items


Other positions possible in GAEB format are not supported by "GAEB-Online 2023" when importing from Excel to GAEB.

Important notes

No PosArt: If you have not defined a PosArt column in the Excel spreadsheet, all entries will be created as normal items.

Ranges: Do not enter a long text here. "GAEB-Online 2023" always takes only the first line from the short text from Excel.

Note texts: "GAEB-Online 2023" always interprets note texts (preliminary remarks) at the beginning or at the end of a section or of the schedule. Note texts within the LV and thus for example between two positions are however also read in.

OZ with index: If you want to map this in Excel, then the index must be added after the item number (OZ) in Excel with a minus sign. For more information, read Structure of the Excel file.

Omitted items: Items with the "DELETED" indicator are  treatedasnormal items during import .







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