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Wrong prices at DA84?

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With a D84 file (DA84 for data type 84), bids can be submitted electronically to the tendering party. Since the clients as well as architects and planners always want to read in the bid prices of the bidders directly and do not want to retype them (as required in paper form), it is advantageous if you always generate your bid from "GAEB-Online 2023" as a D84 file for the tendering party.

However, a DA84 in the GAEB90 output format only contains the item number and the prices, as well as any text additions and group totals. There is also no item type included, which controls the calculation of the prices.

Do not create a total

When opening a DA84, all prices are always displayed without calculation logic, because this information is not part of the DA84! A sum formation over the LV sum in a DA84 (without the DA83) will  lead therefore also always to wrong results.

That means also pure EP positions (positions without total amount) are mostly always displayed with a BP.

Example D83 with prices


Image DA84 only


Therefore, do not use "GAEB-Online 2023"  to open a DA84 and check the individual prices there or have the total recalculated - or do this only if you realize that thereis less information in a DA84 than in a DA83.  See also No texts, No quantities at DA84?.

Check / view DA84

If you want to review, check or recalculate the contents of a DA84 quote file you created, use the Import Prices from DA84 function.


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