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GAEB-Online 2018


With this function you can activate GAEB-Online 2018 online over the Internet. Please make sure that your Computer has an existing Internet connection.

Order confirmation by Mail

After the Digital River GmbH (Share-it) has received your money, you will get an order confirmation with your Activation-Code.


Online activation

1.You need to start the program GAEB-Online 2018 on your computer. In the program, call up the Lizenzen icon via the Lizenz aktivieren menu.


2.First you copy the Activation-Code out of the order confirmation Mail from Digital River GmbH (Share-it) and paste it into the field Aktivierungscode.

3.Then click on the right button in the same line with the german label Online Aktivieren.

In case of an Error

If you are using are firewall or proxyserver you may get an error when you try to activate your license online. In this case, please copy the complete code from the Field Registrierungs-Code and send it to us by eMail.


From this code we will generate your Licensekey manual and send it back to you.

The Licensekey (we send you back) you have paste into the field Lizenzschlüssel and the click on the button manuell aktivieren in the same line.



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