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Error object reference

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At startup the error occurs:

Object reference was not set to an object instance.

The error occurs when one of the XML control files is broken.


Solution: Delete control file GAEB-Online_2021_TreeLayout.xml!

Proceed as follows for the solution:

1.Open "Run" in Windows 10 with the key combination [Windows] + [R].

2.In the "Open" field, enter "%appdata%".

3.OK" opens the "Roaming" subfolder in the AppData folder.

4.There you will find the folder \GAEB-Online 2021 or \GAEB-Online 2021 USB, for example.

In this folder, delete the file:"GAEB-Online_2021_TreeLayout.xml".

If the file exists multiple times, delete it from all of the above folders.

Alternatively the command for the command line (CMD):

del "%appdata%\GAEB-Online 2021\GAEB-Online_2021_TreeLayout.xml"

Then restart the program.

Are you starting from the USB stick?

Work with "GAEB-Online 2023 USB" and start the program directly from USB, then you will find the file you want to delete on the USB stick in the folder:

USB drive:\GAEB-Online_2021\GAEB-Online 2021\GAEB-Online_2021_TreeLayout.xml





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