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Ich bin nur ein Bild, das zeigen soll, welchen Knopf Sie im Programm anklicken müssen. Mich hier anzuklicken ist zwecklos!

With the function Lizenz löschen you delete the license-key from a computer. Use this function if the hardware on this computer is to be changed or you e.g. need to format the hard drive or our support tells you to do so.

What do you have to do to delete the license?

1.Call up the Lizenz Löschen icon from the Lizenzen menu.

2.Click on Lizenz Löschen to delete the license-key. (Attention: After clicking, the program can no longer be used on this computer!)

3.A delete code with the date and time appears.


4.Select the Lösch-Code (number combination) and then click the right mouse button. Please copy the Lösch-Code line and send it by email to Please copy the code as text into the email (please no picture or screenshot), only then can we check the data.

Please do not forget your sender with complete address, preferably with the order number of MyCommerce (Digital River GmbH). We can then process your inquiries much faster.



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